“These guys got me back to 'perfect' (verified by ultrasound and my own testimony) with 6 short treatments and less than $1500. No pills, needles or surgery. I couldn't be happier with the treatment and the staff's professionalism and understanding of my situation when I showed up on day one. I will file insurance for part of the cost."

Michael, age 56, Greenville

“I am very happy with the treatments I received. I have a firm erection and intercourse is very satisfying again."

Bobby, age 58, Knightdale

“I am thrilled with my results so far. I'm seeing a lot of improvement."

Mike, age 48, Raleigh

“I am signing up for more treatments. I've had six so far and am feeling stirrings and life 'down there' that I haven't felt in years."

Gordon, age 84, Raleigh

“I had sex twice this morning before work. Recovery time was only 10 minutes. Very positive results. Very pleased."

Jeff, age 49, Richlands

“I had intercourse with my wife for the first time in a very, very long time this past weekend. I was firm for a while afterwards. Thank you."

Lloyd, age 82, Lillington

“I got a spontaneous erection and had intercourse with my wife last night. I remained firm for some time after sex too. I have not been hard in a VERY long time!” (emphasis was his).

Gene, age 70, Raleigh

“I sometimes wake up with a half or full erection. I just enjoyed spontaneous sex with my beautiful wife for the first time in three years. My erection was firm for a full 15 minutes! I can’t wait to see how I’m going to feel after more treatments.”

Bill, age 67, Garner

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